Sales Policy

Sales Policy

Terms of service buying our products

End of user agreement

  • Whenever you use our products at, it means that you have agreed to our policies.

  • The company has the rights to edit, remove or add agreements regarding our terms of service. The changes we make will be effective immediately whenever it is posted on our website.

  • You have to check our policies before ordering our products. Keep buying our products means that you have accepted the changes in our policies.

  • We don’t hold any responsibility regarding your activities on our websites, directly or indirectly.

Pricing and Ordering policy

  • Our policies are applied to all of our offering products.

  • We will not ship our products until we review and accept your order.

  • We have the right to deny or cancel your orders, even when we received your payment.

  • We promise to give you the accurate price of our products. However, in case of mistakes, we will contact you for further instructions.

Cancel orders policy (for non defective products)

  • In case when you want to cancel your order (apply only before we ship our products), please contact Customer Service at (028) 38503463

  • You don’t have to pay for any fee when canceling your order (apply only before we ship our products)

Trademarks and ownership 

  • All of our intellectual properties (trademarks or not), our website information, drawings, pictures or any digital file format belongs to the company. Any distribution of these properties without our consent is illegal.

Customer privacy

  • We are promised to protect your privacy. Your information will only be used for delivering our products, legal cases or adhere to the legal law.

  • We may disclose your information to third parties such as delivering, handling and shipping services.

Product quality

  • Our products are manufactured by our company and adhere to regulations by the government.

Return policy

  • We will not accept products return after you have received your products (except for defective ones).

  • Any questions please call Customer Services at at (028) 38503463 or our email -

Our work hours Mon - Sat: 07:30 AM - 05:00 PM GMT+7

Buying Products

How to buy our products

Below are instructions:

  • Step 1: Have a look at our products at

  • Step 2: Contact us by one of the below to order:

    • Address: 1451 Pham The Hien, Ward 6, District 8

    • Contact: Mrs. Han (sales manager)

    • Mobile: (+84) 908443567

    • Tel: (+84) (08) 38503463 - Fax: (+84) (08) 39819445

    • Email: -

  • Step 3: After confirmation, we will send our products with receipts

    • For orders equivalent to or more than 20 millions VND (approximately to 862 USD), both parties will sign a buying contract

  • Step 4: You can pay for your products by two ways below:

    • Pay in cash when receive the products

    • Wire transfer before or after receiving products (please contact us for further instructions by this payment)

We will not hold any accountability after you have received your products and your   receipts, except for defective products on our side.

Our statement

We are committed to maintaining our machines at top shapes and enforce our policy to make your orders as fast as possible. However, we don’t hold any responsibilities when we fail to deliver our products by outside intervention of third parties such as fail to receive your online orders because the internet is down and interventions that are outside our control.

Your rights when buying our products

  • We will consult to you what are our products is for and how to use them after you purchase them as well as other services.

  • We will deliver the products are promised and ontime and responsible for defective products.

  • We are adhere to legal regulations law.

  • You are subject to pay the full amount for your products,

Our rights for our products

  • We have the rights to cancel your orders when we are unable to provide our products for you. For example, out of products, not enough quantities, etc.

  • We have the rights to cancel your orders when you don’t pay the money as expected. 

  • We don’t responsible for the accuracy of the information you provide to us. This information may be used for third parties to shipping and handling our products.

  • For further details, please contact 0913917994 or

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